Landing Page Screen Shot 1Vehicle Status Color Coded:

C3LS makes it easy for users to determine the status of each vehicle in their fleet. Vehicle icon’s change color in real time when the status of the vehicle changes. Know when a truck is on and moving (Green) and when that same vehicle is speeding (Red). No more clicking and waiting to know what your vehicles are up to, the icon colors tell the story.

Vehicle Dialogue Box - User Interface Slide-Couple w Vehicle Dashboard

Vehicle Dashboard:

Click on an individual vehicle in your fleet to get everything from the current odometer reading, current speed and even vehicle battery voltage. Click on any vehicle Icon on the map to get all the detailed real time information for that vehicle. The information bubble gives you the status and exact address in real time.

Vehicle Dialogue Box - User Interface Slide-Couple w Vehicle DashboardSmartphone Application:

Take your fleet with you anywhere you go. C3LS’ smartphone application let’s customers access a streamlined version of C3LS’ Fleet Tracking software and allows customers to use functions like real time locates, remote door unlock and starter disable and even access Google traffic updates. Access and review alerts/alarms triggered.


User Interface Color Coded Pic

User Guide and Tips:

C3LS provides access to a software user guide to answer any questions after training is complete. Send an email though the C3LS software platform via the Support tab at any time for 24 hour support. Tips strategically appear for new users to help describe new software sections and links. 

Complete Training and Video Library:

Full online training is done with a member of the C3LS team with a s many employees as needed. In addition, C3LS gives customers access to a video library that can be accessed through YouTube that walks customers through every tab and section of the C3LS Fleet Tracking Software Platform. Videos are typically 1-2 minutes in length.