Whether you have a service fleet of two vehicles or twenty-five, C3’s real time GPS tracking solution provides local businesses with rich data to improve services in terms of accuracy, efficiency and performance. The C3 Location Systems’ platform gives fleet managers continuous visibility into their driver’s location to help streamline dispatch, reduce costs associated with service and maintenance of vehicles and improve customer satisfaction.

Benefits for Service Companies:

  • Contract—Identify and dispatch closest available driver and save on fuel costs through C3’s real time business intelligence
  • Installation—Improve on-time performance through C3’s real time visibility into driver location
  • Security— Protect your assets through C3’s continuous monitoring
  • Home Health Services—Reduce unauthorized mileage and speeding violations through C3’s automated alerts and reporting features
  • Towing—Eliminate personal use of vehicle and reduce costs through C3’s power take-off feature (PTO Monitoring)

Case Study