ICONS_C3LS_2015_CostsFuel Costs

Fleet Fuel costs care typically your fleet’s highest monthly cost. Each mile per hour above 50 mph increases fuel consumption by one-and-one-half (1½) percent. A truck, which averages 8 mpg at 50 mph, will average 6.8 mpg at 60 mph. Control that wasted fuel by monitoring driver’s driving habits and being more efficient with your fleet utilization.

ICONS_C3LS_2015_IdleIdle Times

60 minutes of idling is equivalent to between 80 and 120 minutes of driving time. Idle times are a huge drain on your fuel costs and are extremely damaging to your vehicle’s engine. Controlling Idle times can save you up to 20% on your monthly fuel costs. Our optional Advanced Idle Limiting solution provides actionable and reportable engine shutdowns to stay compliant with certain Federal and State guidelines.

ICONS_C3LS_2015_BehaviorDriver Behavior

You are ultimately responsible for every employee you have driving on the road. Take care to minimize accidents and potential liabilities by controlling how your driver’s behave. Easy to understand reports give you talking points and detailed data that you can use to coach your drivers. Real time alerts (text and email) allow you to contact a driver right away to correct an issue.


In most cases, companies that allow their drivers to take company vehicles home on nights and weekends expose themselves to the highest risk of unauthorized use. Eliminate side jobs and after hours use with the C3LS Scheduler. Schedule hours of “Allowed” movement for your fleet. Receive real-time alerts (text or email) if that schedule is violated. Now you can have peace of mind knowing that your fleet vehicles are only being used for your business. Control your fleet’s movement.

ICONS_C3LS_2015_InsuranceInsurance Costs

Fleet insurance policies are very costly. The good news is that most insurance companies recognize driver behavior monitoring and theft recovery as potential discount on your current fleet insurance policy. Speeding by company drivers is a primary cause of accidents and corporate liability issues. Excessive speeds can lead to soft costs like vehicle downtime, driver absenteeism and legal liability as well as a serious expense in the form of wasted fuel. Control insurance costs with potential discounts as high as 10%-15%.