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C3LS is a premium provider of fleet management and Location-Based-Services to companies across the globe. With over 12 years of experience and a proven track record for providing customers with cutting edge software and incredible support, C3’s scalable, Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform helps municipalities, business owners and fleet managers optimize business operations and manage their workforce effectively.



C3LS Software Features

RoutingRouting allows the user to plan a multipoint route with Turn by Turn Directions by adding each destination address to the routing list. The control box allows unlimited entries and gives the user the option to move addresses up or down through the list as necessary to create the desired route. Know the closest vehicle to an address instantly. Send live maps and directions to any Smart phone.

Exception based ReportsAccess to 90 days of fleet history. Know miles travelled, landmarks reached, excessive idle times, speeding, start/stop times and much more.

Estimated Gas ConsumptionKnow how much gas your fleet is using

Ignition On/OffThe ignition report allows you to see when the vehicle was turned on/off throughout the day 24X7.

Door Sensor Allows dispatcher to know where and when a door was opened on the vehicle. (additional equipment required)

PTO ActivationReports PTO activity with location and time stamp (additional equipment required)

Speed HistoryAllows fleet manager to monitor the speed of each vehicle in their fleet.
Speed Limits can be customized daily over the internet. Full daily reports of each an every vehicles route and speed are available to be printed, exported to Excel or PDF.

Idle TimeIdle time reports allow fleet managers to monitor and eliminate extensive idling of company vehicles. Eliminating extensive idle times translates to less gas consumption per vehicle, and limits the wear and tear on the engine.

HistoryThis report shows you an entire history for a specific vehicle. The history report is especially helpful when determining issues such as:

  1. Time and Attendance at customer’s location, 2. Billing Disputes 3. Side Jobs (Evenings & weekends)

Off Hours SchedulerThis feature allows a manager to setup schedules for their vehicles working and non-working hours. In this way a fleet manager will know if there is any off-hour usage of the vehicle and can investigate if the usage was for un unauthorized reason ( such as side work or personal use).

Vehicle Maintenance Tab – Allows you to track and be notified of all fleet maintenance services right online with our system.  Go paperless and get reminders when a scheduled service is coming due.  Very easy to set up and maintain.  Keeps you extremely organized with your fleet.

Configurable Alarm Notification deliveryNotifications can be customized for delivery to user with different medium choices per alarm type, (email, Cell phone text messaging, etc.)

Mobile MessagingVia the Mobile Messaging tab dispatchers can communicate directly with a driver in the field via the driver’s Smartphone.  Canned messages, routes and maps can be pushed to any Smartphone from the dispatch center.  Drivers will be able to communicate back to the dispatcher through canned messages, and even take and attach pictures in the field. There are no additional data charges and that service is included in your monthly service.

Landmarks- Points of InterestUser-defined geographic points, are easily setup through any internet-enabled computer. The Landmark can be configured so that any GPS device within 100 meters of the Landmark that triggers an event will use the Landmark coordinates as the point of reference to report its location at that given time.

Smart Phone Accessibility Use a web enabled Smart phone browser to view your fleet as well as engage the device options. Our application has been streamlined for Smartphone users.


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User Friendly Interface

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