1) Data Rich Actionable Reports

Access to 90 days of fleet history. Know miles travelled, landmarks reached, excessive idle times, speeding, start/stop times and much more.  Access to the Virtual Time Clock report for accurate employee billing and much more!

2) Customizable Real Time Alerts

Real time alerts can be easily customized for delivery to users per alarm type.  Real time alerts are sent to up to 6 contacts by email and /or text message.  The user must have proper access rights to customize and set up alerts.

3) Fleet Maintenance Suite

The C3LS Maintenance Scheduler allows a fleet manager to track and be notified of all fleet maintenance services that are coming due online with our system.  Set schedules based on time, distance driven or engine hours. Go paperless and get reminders when a scheduled service is coming due.  Very easy to set up and maintain.  Keeps fleet maintenance managers extremely organized while limiting soft costs associated with vehicle breakdowns.

4) Movement Scheduler

Set movement schedules and be notified in real time when vehicle movement occurs outside of your set schedule.

5) Route Replay

C3LS gives you the ability to plot every location and status for each vehicle in your fleet on the map with color coded Historical Breadcrumbs.  Relive the last hour, day or even the past week with our Map History/Route Replay Tab and breadcrumb feature.  Know exactly where a driver stopped, idled and even sped right on the map!  C3LS gives you 90 days of accessible online data for your fleet.