Automatic Vehicle Locator


Models Include:  

  • Internal and External GPS / GSM Antenna
  • Attached and external Wiring Harness
  • Internal Backup Battery and
  • Optional External Back-up Battery
  • Optional: Starter Disable relay kit
  • Door Unlock relay kit and many other sensors

Personal Companion




  • AC Wall Adapter
  • Rechargeable Lithium ION Battery

Options: High Capacity Battery

Extended long use Battery Pack



  • Wireless Charging Pad






  • GPS Receiver
  • GlobalStar Satellite Transmitter
  • Internal battery
  • Internal antennas


Great Communicator


  • Double 32 bit processor assures durable memory for any application!
  • Options for
  • Touch Screen Display for advanced Fleet Management Communications
  • 2 RS232 Host port for external device connectivity
  • Additional I/O for 16 additional Inputs and Outputs
  • Driver ID (Dallas Keys) and Temp Sensor Compatible
  • One Board Diagnostics for vehicles and long haul trucks

The C3LS System is designed to use the best in class quad band hardware with C3LS’s Symphony software platform to create a performance management tool that provides a direct return on investment (ROI) and enables a fleet manager / owner to reduce business costs and increase overall operational efficiencies by eliminating employee overtime, preventing equipment abuse, lowering insurance costs, increasing customer service, unauthorized equipment use and positively influencing driver behavior.