ICONS_C3LS_2015_DispatchingFleet Dispatching

Time is so valuable to your business. Knowing where your fleet is at all times is powerful information. Get to more potential jobs daily by knowing what job a driver is on, or who’s closest to the next job. Set accurate arrival times for customers and verify locations reached. C3LS’s Fleet Management tools make it easy for you to know more and do more with your fleet.

ICONS_C3LS_2015_TimeEmployee Time Sheets

Tired of trying to verify employee time sheets. Eliminate the guess work with C3LS’s Virtual Time Clock report. Know when a driver started and ended his/her workday with the click of a button. C3LS makes managing your business easier.

ICONS_C3LS_2015_MaintenanceFleet Maintenance Schedules

For some fleet owners, keeping track of the numerous maintenance schedules for their ever growing fleet can be a headache. C3LS allows you to manage all of your fleet’s maintenance schedules through our Fleet Management Software System. The Maintenance Suite allows you to track schedules based on time, miles driven and even engine hours. Get reminders emailed when services are due and even track costs for each service. Go paperless and remove the confusion.

ICONS_C3LS_2015_TripTrip Reports

Know how long it took your vehicles to get to each appointment. Verify the miles per trip and verify that the most efficient route is taken. Manage the actionable data to make your fleet more profitable. C3LS provides real business productivity information that can be easily applied to your everyday business.

ICONS_C3LS_2015_EfficiencyFleet Efficiency

Companies that utilize Location Based Services (LBS) complete almost ONE FULL WORKORDER per technician per day.

Getting to more jobs per day translates to more profits for the company. Properly managing the use of your fleet equates to fuel savings, more productivity and happier customers.