C3LS is a premium provider of fleet management and Location-Based-Services to companies across the globe. With over 12 years of experience and a proven track record for providing customers with cutting edge software and incredible support, C3LS’s scalable, Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform helps municipalities, business owners and fleet managers optimize business operations and manage their workforce effectively.

One of the most protective and commanding factors for C3LS is Patent # 5,504,491 along with 81 additional domestic and international patent agreements/licenses. These patents cover virtually all of the requirements for providing cellular conferencing and servicing GPS location based and Biometric identification information. Patent # 5,504,491 covers Cellular, Satellite, Radio and Pager communications of LBS data back to a base station for emergency response and servicing mobile devices

The C3LS enterprise software platform (Symphony) has been designed to scale to any size needed and utilizes built-in speed and failover capabilities that provide the finest services available. Our multimillion dollar investment in research and development has created one of the most reliable fleet management platforms in the industry. Symphony has also been designed to integrate with any existing software platform with relative ease. Map data provided by Google allows C3LS to track the world, accurately and efficiently.

C3LS’s broad based global variety of solutions enable companies to maximize the efficiency of their mobile assets through industry-leading logistics and scheduling applications, allowing both mobile and office-based staff to streamline operations, maximize productivity and minimize fuel costs and maximize labor savings. These are proven benefits C3LS currently provide many companies.

C3LS’s solutions are extremely intuitive and allow for the management of large amounts of stored data efficiently and effectively which leads to rapid end user adoption, creating a host of savings. C3LS’s solutions are completely Web-based, leveraging the best of “SaaS” and virtual server computing on a large scale.


C3LS’s arrangements include virtual private networks (VPN) with cellular communications companies AT&T, T-Mobile and Wyless provide both voice and data communications on their networks, which allows C3LS to offer extremely competitive rate plans to our customers.