Delivery Services

With C3 Location Systems, you can effectively manage your mobile workforce and drive efficiencies throughout operations. Getting real-time visibility into the status of your workforce will not only speed your decision-making process, but will help you optimize delivery and sales routes—maximizing worker productivity, minimizing fuel and overtime costs, and eliminating out-of-route miles.

  • Building Materials—Improve customer service by decreasing customer wait time and giving customers more accurate arrival estimates.
  • Temperature Control—Monitor critical temperature data in real time, reducing shrinkage and spoilage problems.
  • Courier— Easily consolidate or break up routes and delivery orders to ensure the most efficient movement of products.
  • Industrial Distributors—Track hours of use and unauthorized movement of your equipment, whether powered or non-powered.
  • Home Medical Equipment—Quickly optimize delivery routes to ensure timely and efficient deliveries.

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