ICONS_C3LS_2015_LocationsFleet Locations

Track who, what and where for your fleet daily. Verify stop points, job locations reached and start and stop times for every vehicle in you fleet. Create geographical boundaries (geofences) and get real time alerts via text and/or email when those boundaries are breached. Knowledge is power.

ICONS_C3LS_2015_HoursWork Hours

C3LS provides Daily start and end of day reports that can be used to track your drivers actual work hours. Eliminate having to track work hours manually and inaccurately. 44% of companies using LBS have seen a drop in overtime pay

ICONS_C3LS_2015_MileageVehicle Mileage

Your vehicles are your business. Tracking their health is vital to your long term success. Receive an email when the next scheduled oil change or tire rotation is due using our Fleet Maintenance Suite. Reduce vehicle breakdowns and soft costs incurred by having vehicles out of service. Keep your fleet up and running.

ICONS_C3LS_2015_CompletedJobs Completed

Track all the jobs done by vehicle or by driver. Use all stop points and our intuitive landmark feature to log frequently visited locations and job sites. Review up to 60 days of historical data for job confirmation and employee payment.


Track every activation and deactivation of our PTO. Receive real time alerts via text or email to eliminate side jobs and verify when services are being provided. Use daily, weekly or monthly reports to track jobs completed and have a work history for each vehicle in your fleet.