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Key Employees

Robert W. Chapman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: As a young enterprising entrepreneur, Mr. Chapman started, owned and managed many businesses mostly in the automotive related fields. He owned and operated one of the most prestigious engine/chassis race car building shops in the U.S. Mr. Chapman dominated professional racing for many years in the Midwest, setting world records and winning many championships with his cars, boats, motorcycles and later with his 103 thoroughbred horse racing business. In the early 1960’s through the late 1980’s, he owned Chapman Industries in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Chapman patented and developed Kar-Lok®, the security system that made Chapman Industries the most successful auto security company in the U.S. at that time. The Chapman Kar-Lok captured approximately 70% of all industry sales and its explosive growth quickly commanded a network of more than 6,000 dealers in the United States selling millions of systems. During the period 1987-89, he developed one of the first court ordered house arrest and monitoring facilities in the U.S. that operated under the name, Electronic Surveillance Corporation, located in Ocala, Florida. He also developed the first 2-way voice medical emergency response systems for the elderly (ex. Help Help, I’ve fallen). Since 1992, Mr. Chapman has been a leading figure in the GPS Location Based Services Industry and has launched numerous innovative products. Robert W. Chapman, the founder and principal owner of C3 Location Systems, was issued in 1996 the Patent #5,504,491 “Global Status and Position Reporting System” that allows the transmission of GPS coordinates from a mobile device via the cellular or satellite networks back to an Emergency Response Center. This is a key patent that affects all GPS companies; in addition Mr. Chapman believes that an investment in intellectual property always provides the greatest long range benefits. Mr. Chapman also invented the multiple function key fob and developed the first hand held GPS device. Mr. Chapman, in forming C3 Location Systems, brings a wealth of key industry relationships, critical technical knowledge and 45 years of entrepreneurial leadership. Mr. Chapman, the ultimate task master and advocate of Jack Welch management theory, that nothing is good enough and we will keep striving for additional perfection. Mr. Chapman is a current member in good standing of the Broward County Police Chief Association in Florida and was selected as “2004 Businessman of the Year” by the National Republican Congressional Committee and 2006 Republican of the Year. Mr. Chapman is a member of the national congressional commission and the House Republican Trust.

Steve Tielens, V.P. Chief Technical Officer (Retired)  In his youth Mr. Tielens placed 3rd in the nation when testing for knowledge of the data processing industry. Mr. Tielens has worked as IT Director and at the CIO level for over 15 years. He has successfully managed multi-million dollar budgets for software development and projects, which were all done on or under budget and in expected time frames. He was responsible for over 150 employees in this management structure while at Racal Datacomm implemented and managed a national data and voice network with over 25 remote locations. Mr. Tielens designed and sold software to Bear Stern’s which in a 3 month period of time saved the company over $5M and has led teams that have integrated computer solutions to Merrill Lynch, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Reader’s Digest.  In addition, Mr. Tielens has installed and run as well as downsized IBM Mainframe shops.  Most recently he was the CTO for a security software company developing tools to integrate secure encryption into Microsoft Office. Mr. Tielens is regarded as one of the five highest IT Specialists in the country.

Al Rozio, V.P. Technical Operations : Al brings to C3 more than 25 years of experience with a highly technical background at the executive management level while working with several publicly traded companies as well as a business owner. He has extensive inter-departmental experience at all levels of running an enterprise organization from sales, product development, network systems deployment, and technical support to overseeing a provisioning call center in the fast paced telecom industry. While working for Mpower/FDN Communications Inc. he established the operational procedures for delivery of services for Telecomm, Data and customer care throughout the state of Florida. He was also the project manager for deployment and managing many VOIP telecomm installations including overseeing the broadband networks required to sustain the VOIP communications.  He designed and deployed several radio communication systems throughout the Americas and provisioned the first EF Johnson 900 MHz trucking system in the state of Florida as well as responsibility for deploying one of the first CLEC owned DSL network systems in the country. He has successfully managed large numbers of diverse, cross departmental employees across many geographic boundaries at several organizations including being a member of their key management steering committee. Mr. Rozio has a Bachelor of Science in professional Business Administration as well as an extensive number of Technical licenses and certificates.

Mark Hennessy, Chief Architect: Mr. Hennessy has been a lead engineer and software architect specializing in databases and application servers for clients including Sony, GlaxoSmithKline and Bank United. He was the architect and project leader for a Motorola asset management system that used RFID systems and was deployed into Toyota and Boeing.  He has extensive experience in architecting large projects and designing server software systems that can scale as large as needed.  He has done extensive research in processes, modeling and new technologies to bring state of the art technologies that he applies to business solutions.  Mr. Hennessy received his degree from Exeter University, U.K., graduated at the top of his class and his thesis was used as a showcase of the work that is covered in the computer science department.

C3 Consultants

Ron Hall, Software Engineer: Mr. Hall recently signed (March, 2006) as an engineering software contractor and a broker/agent to assist in building C3 Location Systems’ On Board Diagnostic solution and open architecture GPS platform that will allow the capacity to capture virtually any GPS business solution, including Long Range RFID, cameras, inventory, enhanced security applications and custom solutions for large fleets. Mr. Hall has successfully performed engineering projects for Coca Cola, Waste Management, GM, Rockwell, UPS, Freightliner, Federal Express, Volvo, Eaton, Schneider Trucking, KLLM, Ryder, AAA, Cooper, Southeastern Freight, MAC, Cummins, Ford, Chrysler, Walmart, Qualcomm and the Cites of Chicago, Long Beach and St. Louis. While working for Eaton, Mr. Hall led a group of 74 engineers that created the GPS/Satellite systems that Qualcomm bought and currently uses. Additionally, Mr. Hall worked 12 years for GM and was one of the first engineers to ever develop On Board Diagnostics.  Most recently Mr. Hall and his engineers just completed a $100,000 software project for one of the largest delivery companies.

Larry Gould (shareholder): Mr. Gould is the co-founder, Vice-Chairman, President, & COO of Lake Aerospace, Inc. Mr. Gould was the founder of Metroplex Mobile Data, Inc., which developed the first law enforcement wireless data computer system and MetroTrack, which developed Network Based Location Technology. Mr. Gould has been a founder, lead partner, executive officer, of multiple technology-based wireless communications companies in public safety wireless mobile data systems, developed the automobile antitheft-tracking system (LoJack), and was a manufacturer of radio signal intercept and location systems utilized by the intelligence and regulatory communities. Mr. Gould is the holder of numerous patents and patents pending in the field and also designed and was awarded FAA STC's (Supplemental Type Certificates) on aircraft he modified for military intelligence. Mr. Gould served in the FBI as a Special Agent and specialized in Technical Services.

Robert P. Colgan, Marketing Consultant: Mr. Colgan spent over 9 years at Young & Rubicam of Detroit, Michigan as Senior Vice President, Group Director, in charge of Ford Parts & Service Division, Lincoln Mercury Dealer Association in the U.S. and Canada, and Uniroyal Tire Division. He also was Vice President, worldwide supervisor for Chrysler International, coordinating advertising/merchandising for 72 car brands in 184 countries through 19 Y & R offices. Mr. Colgan served as Account Director of Chrysler Germany and Kawasaki Motorcycles. He spent 3 years at Kenyon & Eckhardt of Detroit as Senior Vice President in charge of Chrysler International, California marketing and U.S. imports and was a member of Chrysler International’s marketing committee in London, England. Mr. Colgan coined the phrase for C3, Keep In Touch.

Robert Miller, Emergency Response and 911 Operations: Mr. Miller was the Executive Director of the Statewide New Jersey 911 system. He coordinated the first Phase II wireless live trial in the Nation and currently works as a consultant to the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). Mr. Miller is considered the pre-eminent expert on 911 PSAP (Public Service Answering Points). He has supervised the building of many emergency response centers and systems from the ground up including emergency medical training, 911 operating training and systems development as well as supervised these emergency operation centers on a national basis. Mr. Miller will provide C3 “911” training for emergency response operators.

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